D.H Corrosion – D.P.C Coatings was established in March 1973 and has since developed into one of Victoria’s best known blasting and painting contractors. We are one of the largest organisations in Victoria specialising in abrasive blasting and the application of high performance, anti-corrosive coatings. Our company has the resources, skills and experience to successfully undertake a wide variety of projects.

We consider ourselves strong in aspects of quality assurance, technical knowledge and production performance. Vast experience has been accumulated from small and major projects and this is employed daily to provide solutions for our clients. Most major projects have a quality assurance and expediting requirement and we have the personnel and resources to provide these services.

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"It's not easy being green" - but you have to try

We try to minimise our waste footprint by recycling some of our processed waste materials. Recycling garnet abrasive makes us cost competitive and also minimises the amount of waste garnet which needs to be disposed of. 
Recycling our waste thinners (used to clean paint lines and equipment) results in smaller volumes of hard waste and a reusable ‘gun wash’ solvent for cleaning painting equipment.